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Наши туры: Gastronomic

Продолжительность: 9 days / 8 nights

Маршрут: Tashkent - Urgench (Khiva) - Bukhara - Shakhrisabz - Samarkand – Tashkent

Направления: Uzbekistan


Day 1:


A.M. Arrival Tashkent, meeting with guide in the airport and transfer to hotel for accommodation (early check-in).


Sightseeing in Tashkent incl:

- Museum of History – brief introduction to the history of Uzbekistan

- Amir Temur Square – central park with the statue of Amir Temur on the horseback and so called “Broadway”.

- Tashkent Metro stations – construction began in 1972 and five years later the first train rolled. Some people say, that Tashkent metro has one of the beautiful metro stations.

- Barak Khan madrassah (XVI c) it is headquarters of the Sunni Mufti of ex Sogdian Central Asia& Kazakhstan. It is interesting with ist mosaic and Arabic calligraphy on ist late 16 cent. Brick facade and the intricately carved doors made by Samarkand craftsmen.

- Kukeldash madrassah (XVI c) The grand 16th c. Madrassah has domed courtyard. Now the building is returned to service as an Islamic school. Beside it is the tiny 15th c. Juma mosque.

- Chorsu Bazaar

- Museum of Applied Art (PolovtsovMansion) – house of well known Russian merchant who lived in Tashkent in the beginning of the 20th century.

Dinner. Accomodation at hotel.

Day 2:

Tashkent-Urgench (Khiva) 


Transfer to airport and flight to Urgench by HY-1051 at 07:00-08:40

Arrival & accommodation at hotel.

Sightseeing of Khiva:

· Kelte minar & Muhammad Amin Khan madrassah – 19th c.

· Djuma mosque (X – XVII c) a cathedral mosque, the roof of which lies on 212 wooden fretted columns with unique acoustics;

· Islam Khodja minaret and madrassah (1908) – 45 m high is the highest building in Khiva with, the observation area.

· Kunya ark (XVII c) – an inner fortress with administrative buildings, gunpowder works, law court;

· Pakhlavan Makhmud complex (XIV – XIX c)

· TozaBogPalace 1893-1913 summer residence of Mohammed Rakhim Khan II stands halfway between the European and Central Asian worlds.

Dinner in “Bikajon-Bika” madrassah.

Day 3:

Khiva - Bukhara (450km ) 

Breakfast. Free time

After Lunch and transfer to Bukhara via Kizil Kum desert and Amu-Darya river.

· Kizil Kum desert – biggest deserted area in Central Asia. Driving through the desert you can meet herd of ships lead by cowboy on a camel. During the history desert was a home for many nomadic people.

· Amu Darya river – old Oxin one of two biggest rivers of Central Asia can be observed from the road when it is 80 km to Urgench. The big dam dividing the river into 5 canals. 2 of them is going to Turkmenistan and 3 to Uzbekistan.

Arrival & accommodation at hotel.

Day 4:


Breakfast. Full day SS of Bukhara:

· ARK Fortress (VI–XIX c)

· Bolo Khauz Mosque (1712) Mosque Near the Pool.

· Samanid’s mausoleum (IX–Xc) 1st building Central Asiaconstructed from backed bricks.

· Poikalon (XII – XVI c) ensemble in the center of old Bukhara – includes the cathedral mosque “Masjidi Kalon”, “Miri Arab” madrasah and the Kalyan minaret (46 m)

· Ulugbek & Abdul Aziz Khan Madrassah (17th century)

· Tim Abdullakhan was built in 1577 and was one of the most elegant

· Trading Domes, including Tagi Zargaron, Tagi Telpak furushon and Tagi Saraffon Afghan trades & Magoki Attori

· Fayzulla Khodjaev house- museum (Merchant house)

· Chashma Ayub Mausoleum – the original construction dates from the 12th century.

· Chor-Minor

Dinner with folklore in Nodir Divan Bei madrassah. Accomodation at hotel.

Day 5:



Sightseeing incl:

· Sitorai Morhi – Khosa (XIX c) – amir’s country residence – constructed in a tight combination of local and European traditions in the countryside near Bukhara. The halls of the palace are richly decorated with carpets & paintings.

· Lyabi – Haus (XVI – XVII c) – a complex with Nodir – Devon Begi madrasahs big pool surrounded by trees

End of the day free at leisure.

Day 6:

Bukhara – Shakhrisabz – Samarkand 

Breakfast. Drive to Samarkand via Shakhrisabz. Sightseeing in Shakhrisabz incl:

· Kuk Gumbaz Mosque and Dorus Tilovat Complex – (1437) this big Friday Mosque was built by Ulugbek in honour of his father Shakhrukh

· Gumbazi Seydon – (Dome of Sseyids) finished by Ulugbek in 1438 as a mausoleum for his own descendants.

· Doru Saodat Complex – The complex was built in 1392 by Timur and means the seat of power and might.

· Hazrat Imam Mosque of 14 century

· Ak Saray (white Palace) – Timur’s summer palace.

Arrival Samarkand and accommodation at hotel.

Day 7:



Full day Sightseeing of Samarkand incl:

· Registan square (XV–XVII c) consist of grandiose madrasahs of Ulugbek, Sher Dor & Tillya Kari.

· Bibi Khanum mosque (XIVc), built in 5 year by Timur for his wife Saray Mulk Khanim.

· Bazaar

· Shahi Zinda mausoleum - (XIV–XV c) ‘Town of Dead’ a complex of more than 20 unique buildings.

· Gur Amir mausoleum - (XV c) Timurids dynastic burial vault. unique monument of architecture.

· Ulugbek Observatory the 1st observatory in orient with 30m sextant built by Ulugbek to make exact astronomical catalogue

Dinner in the national house “Shakhnoza”.

Day 8:


Option 1:

Sightseeing incl:

· Museum of History and Art - exhibits of archeology, history, folk & modern art of different periods.

· Imam Al-Bukhary complex – is 25 km north of Samarkand in Khoja Ismail Kishlak with a tomb of Abu Abdullah Mohammed ibn Ismail Al-Bukhari. His 97-book masterpiece tokk 16 years to compile from over 600,000 traditions of Prophet Mohammed, gathered from over 1,000 sheikhs.

Option 2:

Day trip to Penjikent (Tadjikistan):

Pendjikent (Tajikistan) is a town located 70 km East of Samarkand. One of the interesting places in the city is RudakiMuseum. Pendjikent is the birthplace of Abu Abdallah Rudaki, the Samanid court poet considered by many to be the father of Persian poetry. 2 km from the modern town Pendjikent there are ruines of ancient Pendjikent (Bunjikath) a major Sogdian town founded in 5th century and abandoned in 8th century when Arabs came. Foundations of houses, a citadel with a Zoroastrian temples, city bazaar.

Sightseeing incl:

· Ancient Penjikent - ruines of old Sogdian town founded in 5th century and abandoned in th 8th century by arabs. Foundations of houses, a citadel with a couple of Zoroastrian fire temples and city bazaar are visible in the excavated ruines.

· Museum of Rudaki – As Penjikent is a birthplace of Abu Abdallah Rudaki, considered by many to be the father of Persian Poetry.

Dinner & accommodation in hotel.

Day 9:

Samarkand – Tashkent 


Drive to Tashkent.

Transfer to airport for flight out of Tashkent.


Price is given in USD per person in twin room sharing:

Number of person

Budget option 2 *(guest houses)

3-4* Hotel option


Per request

Per request














Per request

Per request

Additional payment for single supplement





The cost of the program includes accommodation in hotels. Depending on your preferences, it can be hotels of the following categories:

- Boutique hotels are very cozy private hotels, often decorated in national style. There is absolutely everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Hotels of this level are characterized by a warm, friendly welcome in an atmosphere of near home comfort.

- 4 * hotels are modern hotels of European class, their infrastructure, interior of rooms and quality of service are at a high level. As a rule, such hotels are located closer to the center and the main sights of the city.

This route assumes the following type of placement:



Budget option (2* hotels)

3-4*  option


Arien Plaza Hotel / Samir Hotel
or similar

Ramada Tashkent Hotel 4*

 Sharq Hotel 4* 
or similar


Zilol Baht / Arba Hotel / City Hotel
or similar

 Asia Samarkand + / Sultan Boutique 
or similar


Rangrez Hotel / Fatima Hotel 3*
or similar

Omar Khayam 3+ 
or similar


Shokh Jahon Hotel 3* 
or similar

Bek Khiva Hotel 4*
or similar



Price includes:


Price excludes:

- Letter of Invitation for Uzbekistan (not visa fees)

- All transfers by comfortable vehicle;

- Accommodation in twin room sharing with - breakfasts;

- Entry tickets;

- Dinner in “Bikajon-Bika” madrassah in Khiva;

- Dinner with folklore in Nodir Divan Bei madrassah in Bukhara;

- Dinner at the national house “Shakhnoza” in Samarkand;

- Excursions with professional guides;

- Guides in each city for excursions for groups of 1 to 7 people;

- Guide-escort services for the whole route for groups of 8+ people;

- Air fare Tashkent – Urgench (economy class);

- Tickets (economy class) for express train "Afrosiab" (Samarkand - Tashkent);

- Mineral water 1 lt per day on transfers between cities;

- Memorable souvenirs;


- International air fare to/from Uzbekistan;

- Photo and camera fees on sights;

- Early check - in, late check - out after 14:00;

- Insurance;







Additional services:


- Half board (dinners) - 60 USD / per person / program;

- Full board - 120 USD / per person / program.



On this route we provide the following types of comfortable transport (depending on the number of people in the group):

Quantity of pax in the group:

Type of the transport:


AC sedan “CHEVROLET ORLANDOLACETTI” (Air-conditioned)


Minibus “HYUNDAY STAREX” (Air-conditioned)


Minibus “ISTANA, TOYOTA HICE” (Air-conditioned)


Middle-size bus “YUTONG” (Air-conditioned)


Tourist class bus up to 45 seats


Additional options:

*      Visit to the costume folk show "El Merosi" in Samarkand

*      Wine tasting at the wine-vodka factory named after Khovrenko in Samarkand

*      Visit to the medieval bathhouse of the hammam in Bukhara (XVI century).



*      The program will be updated in accordance with the schedule of international flights.

*      The company reserves the right to change the sequence of acquaintance with the objects. We draw your attention to the need to comply with the norms of the current legislation. Please note that check-in to the hotel is possible only if you have an identity document (passport, birth certificate). Please note that all hotels have the rules of "check-in hours" (check in after 14:00 and check out before 12:00), if early check-in is not included in the tour price.

*      Form of payment by transfer or cash.

We welcome any of your suggestions and changes to the tour program to meet your specific wishes and requirements. We will help you find the most optimal and acceptable option for solving your issue on the order of tours and other tourist services.


Our services are licensed and certified.


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