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National House in Samarkand

Welcome to the National House of Shakhnoza!

To experience the Uzbek lifestyle and enjoy the hospitality and kind nature of a native, we suggest you visit a real Uzbek home. Such a visit will undoubtedly leave the most unforgettable impression about Uzbek hospitality and the magnificent Uzbek cuisine!

The National House of Shakhnoza welcomes you. Visit the "National House of Shakhnoza" and plunge into the world of flavors. If you are a big fan of good cuisine, you surely will become a frequent guest here, because you have not even tried a hundredth of our foods.

The hostess of the house – Shakhnoza, pays special attention to the menu, including vegetarian. Give yourself a chance to experience the cozy Uzbek house and to learn local culinary traditions. Eastern exoticism, hospitality and comfort will relax and give more strength for traveling.

Acquaintance with the traditions of the east, this is just a small list of what awaits you when you visit the "National House of Shakhnoza", where upon request, you can attend a master class on cooking Uzbek dishes.

5 reasons to visit our home

1.     The best traditional homemade Uzbek dishes

2.     A cozy room in the national style

3.     Summer terrace with Uzbek tapchans

4.     Free Wi-Fi

5.     Samsa and bread (non) baked in tandoor




1.    Venegret (beet, potato, carrot, cucumber, apple, green bean)

2.    Beet (beet, garlic, walnut and greens)

3.    Carrot (carrot, cucumber, greens, garlic, vegetable oil, some spice)

4.    Bean (bean, carrot, lemon, potato, onion )

5.    Eggplant (eggplant, carrot, red pepper, tomato, garlic, vegetable oil)

6.    Cauliflower salad

7.    Bahor  (cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, lemon, vegetable oil, soy sauce)

8.    Nur (rice, chicken, egg, cucumber, corn)

9.    Achik-chuchuk (fresh cucumber, tomato, onion, greens)

10.                Assorted roasted vegetables with sauce (eggplant, green pep, zucchini, cauliflower)

11.                Suzma (chakka)

First course

1.       Veggie Soup

2.       Cream soup (potato, corn, pumpkin)

3.       Shurpa (meat and vegetables)

4.       Soup with meatballs

5.       Noodle soup

6.       Soup with dumplings

7.       Mastava (rice soup)

8.       Mashhurda (soup with mung beans)

9.       Chicken soup

10.  Vegetable soup


Main course

1.       Plov

2.       Manty platter (big dumplings with meat, pumpkin, potato)

3.       Honim (rolls with meat, pumpkin, potato)

4.       Dimlama (meat and vegetables)

5.       Stuffed vegetables

6.       Dolma (cabbage, grape leaf, rice and meat)

7.       Chakhokhbili (chicken, onion, potato)

8.       Chuchvara (dumplings)

9.       Kazon kebab

10.  Lyulya kebab 

Side dish

1.       Boiled rice

2.       Pasta

3.       French fries

4.       Peasant potatoes or simply boiled

5.       Boiled or steamed vegetables (bell pepper, carrots, green beans, eggplants)

6.       Canned peas or corn


1.       Flapjacks

2.       Black bread

3.       Patyr (layered, with onions, butter)

4.       Lavash 


1.       Samsa (with pumpkin, meat, greens)

2.       Bichak (with greens, zucchini, pumpkin)

3.       Jinglavat from greens (arugula, spinach, fennel, green onions, kenza, sorrel, etc.)


1.       Apple Pie

2.       Lemon Pie

3.       Ragalics with walnut and raisins

4.       Baklava with walnut

5.       Cheesecake

6.       Pastry «Fruit baskets» (strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, orange, blackberry)

7.       A basket with meringue (rafaello)

8.       Custard pastry

9.       Fruit Salad

10.  Ice cream with fruit syrup

11.  Fruits


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